When you make an important business investment you want to make sure you’re getting 100% of the value of whatever you’re investing in.

No matter the size of the investment, you should be able to understand the full capabilities of whatever tools or procedures you’re making changes to.

Here are some quick tricks and tips for you to think about when deciding how to utilize your M.O.M. software seasonal seats.


On-Demand Licence Activation

One of the biggest strengths of seasonal seats is their flexibility.

By giving our clients the option to activate and deactivate their licenses with our seasonal seats program you can avoid the situation of being locked into a full commitment.

After all, the holiday sales volume increase isn’t something that lasts forever.

For some people, all they require is a few extra M.O.M. seats for a very specific amount of time to fulfill orders.

Honing down the specific time frame for when you’ll need your seats is a great way to maximize your investment.


Understand Your Environment

By better understanding your own business environment before going into your seasonal seats engagement you’ll be better equipped to extract every piece of value offered.

M.O.M. although simple and easy to understand has numerous benefits that can only be utilized when you fully understand your environment completely.

Omnichannel sales channels are a great use case for M.O.M. software. By understanding, on a very intimate level, all of your separate sales channels, you’ll be better equipped to configure M.O.M. to work for you.


Customizable Order Management

M.O.M. software is an extremely powerful tool for individual product shipping rules.

By thinking of different ways to handle each one of your product types individually you’ll be able to see large increases in your bottom line simply by changing the ways you’re shipping your products.

Using M.O.M. to bulk pick, pack, and invoice print you can do quite a lot. Typically these three features would be something that you’d have to use across multiple different software offerings. Freestyle fits this all in one lightweight package, pun intended.


The Takeaway

You want to get the most out of any purchase your business makes.

By understanding the full capabilities of M.O.M. and equally as important, your own environment, you can configure just about anything regarding your shipping, processing, and ordering process.

Freestyle’s seasonal seats are an easy-to-use, non-commital method of handling the holiday peak season increase in sales for eCommerce businesses.

To get a better idea of the full capabilities of M.O.M. software we strongly urge you to reach out to one of our experts or request a free demo for a more hands-on look.