With the holiday season coming up, your business has the potential to be Santa Claus, coming in with his sleigh ready to give the townsfolk all of their fun seasonal joy or… The Grinch. We’re here to help you achieve the former.

The first step is making sure your order management system (OMS) isn’t just a fancy piece of software stuffed to the brim with coal.

With the ongoing supply chain issues that seem to continue to plague us starting at the beginning of the pandemic, we’re ramping up for another logistically challenged peak season.

That being said, these challenges should be accounted for when using an appropriate OMS that can handle these hiccups for you in an automated fashion.


Seasonal Seats Offering From M.O.M.

How do you know if a seasonal seat is right for you?

  • Do you plan to increase your overall team by adding seasonal employees?
  • Does the idea of expanding things too quickly leave a feeling of fear inside you?
  • Is the idea of controlling costs something that you’re regularly thinking about?

If these are the types of questions you’re running into then a good solution for you is our M.O.M. seasonal seats offering!

By using seasons seats you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be allowed to increase your staff in a customized fashion, when and how you need it, making the holiday season a distinct and specifically managed experience separate from how you would typically manage orders due to the increased volume.

By using seasonal seats you are not required to permanently increase the number of your stations within your M.O.M. environment.

If there’s anything we know about the holiday season it’s that it is anything but typical. And we’re not just talking about your mom’s world-famous cranberry sauce. This season we’re hoping that you’ll experience our own M.O.M. recipe. A recipe for keeping your clients happy.


Strength of M.O.M. OMS Seasonal Software Seats

  • License activation is only for when you need it.
  • The ability to turn on additional seats should you need it during busy holiday rushes.
  • The flexibility to add on additional seats for an immensely cheaper price than purchasing a permanent station. Seats that will expire once you’re done using them.
  • Utilizing our flexible pricing options so that you can control your costs to stay within your budget.

If you need to add additional seats permanently after you’ve experienced the power of more seats being added to your existing M.O.M. configuration for the holidays, then that’s certainly something we can achieve for you.

Our seasonal seats are one of Freestyle’s most popular programs that users are constantly giving us positive feedback about. And we want to make sure our customers know the full capability of our software and what they have access to.

Understanding the full capabilities of our M.O.M software is just the start of implementing it into your workflow.

We’re so confident in our software that we truly believe it has the power to elevate businesses to the next level of sales and efficiency through knowledgeable and custom configuration.

If you’re curious about how our OMS works we invite you to reach out to one of our team members or get one of our completely free demos to get a more hands-on experience.