Boosting efficiency is something that all businesses strive for.

Finding new ways to achieve the same goal more cost-effectively is a way to bolster your bottom line that doesn’t involve updating or making changes to your actual product.

Not only will focusing on efficiency boost your overall profits but it can make your overall work process much easier in many ways.

Remember the old saying, “Work smarter not harder.”?

As cliche as that saying sounds it really is a good way to think of your business processes.

The good news for eCommerce businesses is that as much as there are areas for your supply chain, order management, shipping, and inventory management processes to fail you, there are equally the same amount of opportunities where you can improve efficiency.

Freestyle’s seasonal seats are an offering that allows you to use our M.O.M. software for dealing with a lack of efficiencies that are all too commonly experienced during the peak holiday season for eCommerce brands.

The key value to our seasonal seats program is giving our clients an option for adding “seats” in their existing M.O.M. environment that allows more of their employees to work during the peak season within our software.

It’s a temporary option that businesses can use as a solution to handle the spike of increased volume during the holidays.

Let’s look at some of the ways seasonal seats with M.O.M. can boost your efficiency this year.


Omnichannel Capability

With more and more sales channels becoming available to even the smallest of businesses having a central hub that handles all of these is imperative to reducing errors and bottlenecks.

Being able to process and fulfill all orders through a single and united workflow will save your business from having hiccups due to dealing with multiple unconnected tools that require manual input from workers who are prone to make mistakes.

Customers should be able to buy online or pick up in-store, assuming that you have a brick-and-mortar store of course.

With all of the available channels offered by M.O.M. software, adding seasonal workers to your seasonal seats can be an effective way to the uptick in volume during the holidays.

Order Management

When we talk about hiccups in the supply chain, this is where it’s prone to happen the most.

Making sure your items are properly managed during this stage is crucial to your customer’s opinion of your company.

Having a system that allows for your items to be configurable in regards to how they should be processed will allow you to handle items in a customizable fashion that makes deliveries easier and more efficient.

M.O.M. allows you to have highly efficient methods in your management process through bulk pick, pack, and invoice printing. Something that a lot of management systems fail to provide all in one piece of software.

By utilizing M.O.M.’s role-based permissions you can assign seasonal workers to focus on only the most critical tasks getting them up to speed faster and improving ROI overall. Furthering your efforts to reduce hiccups in the supply chain.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Tracking your inventory from the receipt through the shipment process, as well as returns, will save your customers and employees a lot of painful hours trying to find out where your items are.

If there are special processing instructions that need to be addressed for a specific item, this can be configured as well.

Keeping an eye on your levels of supply and notifying you when levels are getting low will save you from getting caught out in the open with a lack of inventory, leaving you unable to fill the demand. This is especially true for the holiday season.


The Takeaway

Freestyle’s M.O.M. seasonal seats allow for a temporary boost to your existing environment that is designed to help get you through the peak holiday season.

By not locking you into purchasing permanent seats Freestyle offers you only what you need when you need it.

Knowing that you’re going to see an increase in volume this holiday season, as all eCommerce companies should expect to see, you should get your hands on one of our free demos.