M.O.M. V11 was already the best order and inventory management software on the market, so it’s pretty exciting to tell you this…it just got even better! The newest release of M.O.M. V11 launched not long ago, and we can’t wait for you to see it in action.

A couple years ago, we made a promise to M.O.M. users: we would use their direct input and feedback to continuously improve and enhance our flagship software, M.O.M. We want the best of the best for our customers, because we know that is what will allow them to be the best of the best in their space.

We couldn’t think of a better way to develop the best order and inventory management software than to ask what real users need, and then design something specifically to help them. So that’s what we did! And we’re thrilled that the latest version of M.O.M. V11 is now available. These latest enhancements make our OMS easier to use, more secure and compliant, and better-optimized than any other OMS software on the market.

Inventory Management Software Features & Upgrades

What features does the new version of M.O.M. offer? Here are just a few:

  • *New Filter for Advance Order Processing Module – Filter by Area of Warehouse
  • Improved Lot/Bin Management
  • New Alternate Order Number Field in Batch Processing Screen View List
  • Prevent Over Selling on Discontinued Products
  • Custom Reminders for Specific Customers
  • Order Notes Retained on Cancelled Orders
  • Predefined Box Size
  • Validation of Tokenized Credit Card Data
  • Enhancement for Audit Tracking: Product User Defined Fields
  • Enhancement for Audit Tracking: Customer Order Line Item Custom Information
  • And So! Much! More!

*Requires the Advanced Order Processing Module (AOPM)

To check out the full list of the upgrades and enhancements we’ve made to this second release of M.O.M. V11, download the MOM V11 Second Release Solution Sheet now.

Want to see our incredible OMS in action? Register for the M.O.M. V11 Webinar! Thursday, 5/6/21 at 3 pm EST.