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As we settle into the evolving new normal, one thing is clear, eCommerce will continue to play an outsized role.

Local stores are opening once again, but will consumers feel comfortable going back to Main Street and the Mall? The data is starting to pour in:
Digital revenue in April “far outpaced previous years and previous months,” according to a report emailed to Retail Dive by digital experience company Episerver. Traffic was up 30% year over year and 15% month over month; conversion rates were up 22% year over year and 18% month over month, with “nominal changes in discounting.” And social media delivered, bringing 89% more traffic to retail sites compared to April 2019, according to that report. Learn more here: Retail Dive

There may be some leveling off of demand as states reopen and consumers remain cautious:

However, looking week over week, ecommerce sales were down 8% for the week May 26-June 1 compared with May 19-25, after only increasing 1% week-over-week May 19-25 compared with May 12-18.
“The figures appear to reflect a plateauing of sales increases rather than a reversal of fortune as the COVID-19 pandemic continues,” the vendor says. Digital Commerce 360 has more

So, things are fluid, not ideal for brands needing clarity about how and when they should invest in their business. There is even more analysis available here.

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Image courtesy of|Mike Petricci