Cyber Monday Wrap Up – Great Results for eTailers!, Freestyle Solutions

The Mobile wave we saw on Black Friday continued and in many respects gained momentum on Cyber Monday, generating more traffic and sales for eTailers.

But first let’s look at the big picture:

“The top two days that consumers shopped online were Cyber Monday with more than 81 million and Black Friday with more than 66 million. In addition, 63 percent of smartphone owners used their mobile devices to make holiday decisions, and 29 percent used their phones to make actual purchases.”

And to link those traffic numbers with actual revenue we have this from Adobe:

“Cyber Monday’s results are in, and according to Adobe, yesterday was the largest online shopping day in history, bringing in $6.59 billion in online sales. That’s more than $1.5 billion above Black Friday’s online sales haul.”

Now that data is available for the full Thanksgiving shopping week some quick conclusions can be made:

  • eTailers are uniquely positioned to convert consumer preferences to revenue throughout the 2017 Holiday season as sales continue their shift from in store to online sales with half of all retail growth occurring online.
  • It has never been more important for eTailers to have a robust Mobile sales presence to maximize revenue as consumers continue to shift their shopping presence from desktop to Mobile. It appears that Mobile sales grew 44% over last year’s sales.
  • Shopping apps are becoming increasingly important and over 2.7M were downloaded on Black Friday alone. Apps have become another engagement tool for eTailers as they generate push notifications which appear on Mobile devices and are then opened by 17% of recipients.
  • Finally, page load speed is now a differentiator in the mind of consumers with many saying that a page load longer than 3 seconds will cause them to consider leaving a site to shop with a competitor and undue delay means lost sales or at best the need to extend promotions to protect revenue.

We welcome your comments on Thanksgiving sales results and on the trend toward Mobile sales in the comments section below.

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