cloud hosting

You may have heard a lot about cloud hosting, but you’ve been too nervous to dip your toes into the water. You have a lot of questions and you’re not entirely sure if cloud hosting is right for you.

The chart below explains the differences between cloud hosting and traditional hosting, so you can better understand the benefits of each and why or when it might be time for you to make the move.

Cloud Hosting On-Premise
Software Updates and Patches Applied by our team Must be installed by your team manually
Hourly Backups Yes – secure data backups which can be easily restored Sometimes, but backups may be more difficult to restore
Global Access from
Anywhere in the World
Secure, 24/7 access to your server Time-consuming for you to set up and keep secure
In-House IT Team Your in-house IT team can focus on other high-priority initiatives Your in-house IT team wastes time focusing on software updates, fixes and maintaining servers
Server Failure Eliminates concerns over server failure and restoration of data Continual concerns about servers going down and loss of data
Costs Significant cost savings compared to traditional hosting Expensive

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