Sales Tax Nexus Webinar Image

We are excited to announce that Freestyle will be sponsoring a State of Sales Tax Nexus Webinar with experts from TaxJar and TaxMatrix on Tuesday August 18th at 3PM EST.

In the two years since the Wayfair decision, eCommerce companies have had their business upended by the complexity of collecting, reporting and remitting sales tax to over forty states. With the pandemic increasing volume and complexity for all eCommerce operations, you need to seize the opportunity to attend this Sales Tax Nexus Webinar to hear experts discuss what your business should be doing.

Webinar Topics will include:


  • State of eCommerce Sales Tax Nexus
  • Recent Changes to regulations
  • Effects of the Pandemic on eCommerce
  • How states are using Sales Tax Nexus to close budget shortfalls and the recent rise in tax audits
  • What your business needs to do now!

Who should attend:

  • Business owners
  • Finance teams
  • Company leadership
  • Your Accounting firm

We hope you can join us and to reserve your seat for the Sales Tex Nexus Webinar, visit our registration page.

To learn more about Freestyle’s sales tax nexus solutions visit our information page and read our latest blog post.

As always, we value your input and thoughts, feel free to contact us.