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Has it become difficult to comply with complicated, always-changing state sales taxes?

The Avalara module and M.O.M. can make state sales tax collection and reporting easier. Learn about the top three benefits of Avalara below.

#1 – Avalara is Simple

Most of Avalara’s setup takes place with M.O.M., and you’ll find that it’s a breeze to get up and running. You’ll assign product exemptions in bulk, and leverage the Avalara API to calculate and file taxes. You’ll reconcile API transactions in M.O.M. for your Avalara billing.

#2 – Avalara is Accurate

With Avalara, you’ll be able to understand and comply with tax nexus rules in each state quickly and easily. You’ll have access to live sales tax calculation down to the zip plus four level, and you’ll be able to charge and collect sales tax at the right rate in each state. With roof top and street level calculation, product categories and exemptions, and customer exemptions via entity use code, you’ll have the full power of Avalara at your hands to make accurate filings and reports.

#3 – Avalara Makes Filing Taxes Easy

Upload invoiced orders to Avalara for filing and remittance, schedule automated filings and upload historical orders to Avalara for filing if desired. Avalara and M.O.M. allow you to save time and money while complying with the evolving requirements of each state.

Contact us to schedule a demo to see Avalara in action and to learn more about how M.O.M. and Avalara can help your business and automate tax collection.