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Your business has moved beyond a simple eCommerce solution, and you need a powerful shopping cart that’s integrated with a robust order management system.

With M.O.M.’s BigCommerce module — which is only available in M.O.M. V12 — you can now get the best of both worlds in a tight integrated, powerful platform.

Here are the top three reasons your business needs M.O.M. V12 and the BigCommerce module:

#1 – A Streamlined Workflow Saves You Time

In the past, you’ve often had to log into two different systems to complete one task. 

With the BigCommerce module, you can download orders, refund transactions, view order status and more directly within M.O.M.—giving you more time to run your business (or breathe and grab a latte!).

#2 – Synchronized Records Keep Data Accurate
With automated synchronization of records, your data can now pass effortlessly back and forth between your order and inventory management system and BigCommerce.

If you create a shipment record in M.O.M., a record with shipping service level and a tracking number will automatically be created in BigCommerce. Your M.O.M. inventory levels will be synchronized in BigCommerce as well, so you don’t need to manually update that data in BigCommerce anymore.

#3 – An Optimized Workflow Benefits Your Business and Customers
From order entry to fulfillment and shipping to tracking orders, the BigCommerce module will impact multiple internal processes — and ultimately, the customer’s experience — through the entire journey. 

Learn more or see it in action! Schedule a demo of M.O.M. V12 and the BigCommerce module.