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When eCommerce managers are looking for ways to save valuable time, effort and money, M.O.M. V12 and the BigCommerce cart connector are the way to go. With the BigCommerce connector, processing orders has never been easier.

As the eCommerce industry continues to gain more steam, the importance of a cart connector cannot be understated. In an industry that generated over $1.119 trillion in 2023 alone, the businesses that prioritize efficiency will be able to sit at the head of the table.

Read on learn more about why you need Freestyle’s M.O.M. multichannel order management system and BigCommerce cart connector.

Rapid Business Growth

In order for a business to grow at a manageable rate, turnarounds need to happen quickly. This is especially true for larger companies that are going to be dealing with a larger volume of orders on a regular basis. Negative word of mouth spreads quickly when orders are not fulfilled rapidly.

Conversely, positive word of mouth will spread even more rapidly, serving as the catalyst for faster business growth. When customers receive their orders quickly and with a high degree of quality, they trust that company, because it has demonstrated that it is able that customer’s business. That customer is more likely to tell friends about very good or very bad experiences. You have direct control over how your customers will describe their experiences with you.

Increased Efficiency + Productivity

Those who are looking to build an effective eCommerce business in the current landscape cannot afford to waste any additional time and effort on tasks that are not conducive to immediate growth. The more time that employees are forced to spend correcting order-related mistakes, the less time that they have to handle other pivotal daily tasks.

This is what is known as opportunity cost. While is true that you will not be losing out on anything in the moment, there is no telling what you are going to be losing out on over the long haul when you are dedicating valuable time and resources that can be used in better ways. You are not going to have a second chance to utilize these resources more wisely, so you need to get the most out of them now while you have the chance.

Decreased Expenses

In order to increase profit margins, your eCommerce business must be able to decrease its expenses first.

This can be easier said than done—but with M.O.M. and BigCommerce, this process is easier than many eCommerce business owners may realize.

By eliminating wasted time and resources due to outdated processes and systems, forward-thinking e-commerce providers are able to decrease their expenses while improving customer service.

Remaining Competitive In The Marketplace

If you are not pushing your business model forward, you’re merely standing still. This will be good news to your competitors, who are sure to swoop in and take over your market share at a moment’s notice.

Embracing modern technologies signals your willingness to remain competitive in the current marketplace and provide your clients with a truly cutting-edge experience.

At over $1 trillion per year, the eCommerce pie is a sizable one and competition has never been more fierce. The more struggles clients have when it comes time to place an order, the more likely they are to take their business elsewhere. A commitment to state-of-the-art technology is a commitment to your client base.

Contact our team to request a demo of M.O.M. and the BigCommerce cart connector and to learn how we can transform your eCommerce business and improve customer satisfaction.