Supply chain issues have been one of the ongoing issues with the pandemic plaguing way more than just eCommerce companies.

Any company that relies on getting their products or supplies from one place to another has been dealing with delays and reduced levels of production since the beginning of the pandemic.

One of the areas within the overall supply chain issue is the hiring and retention of skilled workers at warehouses.

These are essential team members needed to perform tasks that aren’t so easily automated with machines and computers.

Handheld scanners make certain specific routine tasks much easier and more efficient, that being said this still requires workers to make these scans.

Warehouse workers typically have a very physically demanding job that can take a toll. Lifting, unloading, and storing, all of these extremely common and repetitive tasks can quickly tire out even the most apt individuals.

With a 49% turnover rate within the sector just last year, warehousing businesses are looking for new creative ways to better attract and then hold on to those they attract.

One way companies can incentivize their employees to stick around for longer is by offering some form of road map for advancement within the company. If not within the company then at least offer some form of skills training that will allow them to eventually move into something higher up in the supply chain. Pardon the pun.

Entry-level workers need to know that there is a path for either wage improvements or access to training that will qualify them for something more appealing and interesting. It can be a great way for employers to offer something other than just cold hard cash to improve retention.

Value can come in many different forms than just cash.

Another common issue that warehouse managers speak to is the classic reputation of what it’s like to work at a warehouse.

The typical classic version of a warehouse is a hot, dusty, dirty, old, and lowly place to work.

For many new modern warehouses, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even still, breaking this reputation is still a challenge for those looking to hire skilled workers.

These days warehouses are focused more and more on high-level technology being incorporated.

Giving workers access and training on how to operate these complex machines and computer programs can qualify them for a more advanced and potentially more appealing job that might keep them within the company much longer.

Again, value can come in many more ways than just cold hard cash. This is extremely critical to understand for any manager looking for new ways to attract quality employees.

While not every company can pay for a full college tuition for each one of its employees, perhaps they can offer their own internal courses that promise advancement opportunities.

The Takeaway

Understanding issues like this is important in the challenging supply chain environment we find ourselves in.

The only thing any one of us can do is to work hard to understand these issues and find creative solutions through working together and sharing stories such as this.

Stay tuned for more stories like this to come. We will be sharing information and ideas that you can put to use in your business

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