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Are you wasting a lot of time getting your orders entered into multiple systems?

With our BigCommerce module — which is available only with M.O.M. version 12 — you’ll get direct integration with BigCommerce, a streamlined workflow, synchronized records that result in more accurate data and significant time savings for you and your team.

See how it works in this excerpt from our BigCommerce webinar:

This video covers how to do the following using the BigCommerce module and M.O.M. V12:

  • Downloading orders from M.O.M. to BigCommerce
  • Setting an order type, priority and status
  • Setting order level discount line items
  • Applying filters to define which products to publish
  • Optionally using text settings for titles and descriptions
  • Using categories
  • Using strict filters to ignore last processed date and last modified date
  • Using custom filters to filter by any field to target any stock items, such as classification code or starting SKU number
  • Filtering options for inventory

Want to learn more about how you can use the BigCommerce module for direct integration between BigCommerce and M.O.M. v12? Schedule a demo today.