The order management landscape has evolved over the past thirty years when we (then Dydacomp) introduced to catalogers the first order management system (OMS).  eCommerce, mobile and the Internet of Things (IOT) have all put more pressure on the OMS to be the central repository for customer, order, inventory and product information to provide a 360 view of their business.  For this reason, we find ourselves innovating again to meet the demands of the next generation OMS – the Omnichannel platform.

An OMS is more than just managing call center orders to fulfillment, today order management has the responsibility of optimizing the customer experience.  Companies are looking for the OMS to tie in with all sales channels, from ecommerce and mobile to call centers and stores.  Marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay have added complexity to inventory visibility and fulfillment.  The requirements for providing broader product assortments and a differentiated customer experience has grown exponentially due to the competition being one click away.

So what will you need moving forward to be successful?

Freestyle Solutions sees the order management system providing the following capabilities:

  • Insight on the order location and status thorough the entire order life cycle
  • The ability for a call center representative to create and modify orders
  • Real-time insight to inventory levels, avoiding out of stock issues
  • Making sure your customer never leaves empty handed
  • Unified, omnichannel experience to customers

Does your order management system meet your needs?  Learn more about Freestyle Solutions’ order management systems.