supply chain

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UPS Employees Approve New Contract, Averting Strike
The union representing more than 300,000 UPS team members announced that its members have reached an agreement, averting a strike and avoiding a threat for the economy.

Amazon pulls back from UPS as it builds out logistics empire
UPS has shifted its priorities, Amazon is transforming its capabilities, but find out why they still need each other.

J.C. Penney hasn’t had to release its finances since 2020. Here’s how the retailer is doing.
Post-bankruptcy, J.C. Penney continues to struggle as its recently released financials show ongoing volatility.

Kohl’s shrinks inventory position after ‘out of control’ levels in 2022
After its net sales fell 7% and margins shrunk nearly 5 percentage points in FY2022, Kohls is focusing on inventory management.

Major U.S. Retailers Returning to ‘Just-in-Time’ Supply Chain
As the pandemic-related buying habits die down, consumers aren’t stocking up as much as they previously were–causing retailers to return to “just-in-time” supply chain strategies.