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FedEx looks to boost automated parcel sortation with robotics deal

FedEx announced last week it is expanding its relationship with robotics company Berkshire Gray as it aims to handle small parcels more efficiently.


Retailers Suffer From Inventory Bloat as US Consumers End Two-Year Spree

US retailers that stockpiled goods to cushion against supply-chain snarls are finding inventory reduction to be challenging and costly as American households start to pull back from a two-year spending spree.


Toyota Profit Plunges Amid Supply Chain Chaos

TOKYO — Toyota, coming off a year of record profits, shifted into reverse in the latest quarter as supply chain chaos and soaring costs slammed earnings.


Ukraine’s Grain Corridors Still Need Ships to Ease Food Crisis

Ukraine’s first shipments of grain since being invaded by Russia are a harbinger of relief for squeezed global markets, but many challenges remain before the millions of tons of food stuck in the country can be released.


U.S. Congress passes long-awaited bill to boost chipmakers, compete with China

The U.S. House of Representatives passed sweeping legislation on Thursday to subsidize the domestic semiconductor industry as it competes with Chinese and other foreign manufacturers.


Spare Parts Shortages Are Forcing Airlines To Ground Planes, report says

Some airlines are being forced to ground flights due to a shortage of spare parts for planes


The Truck Driver Shortage is Fueling Supply Chain Chaos- What Can Be Done To Solve It?

In recent times, shortages of goods have caused widespread supply chain issues. Labor shortages have also been troublesome for production and the economy. In particular, the shortage of workers able to transport goods has been pinpointed as a driver of supply chain chaos.