The Need for Omnichannel Functionality Has Expanded, Freestyle Solutions

The shift to being able to buy from anywhere and pick up from anywhere has become important for merchants who have a retail presence to offer some sort of omnichannel functionality where a potential customer can buy a product and pick it up from anywhere.

What if you could do it via a simple text message?

Walmart is now testing the ability to have consumers order by texting them, which would then allow them for same-day delivery.

What exactly does that do? With Amazon introducing options to now have same-day shipping and delivery with quick and easy ordering, Walmart enters the world of trying to make it even simpler. No need to visit a store, no need to visit the website, just text a number and it’ll be on your way, the same-day.

Walmart, has called this initiative Jetblack and so far in the 8 months it has been piloted they have noted the average buyer has ordered 10 items a week. They also note that they have also taken what customers have ordered and will send them alerts, with similar products.

Now, what will Amazon do to combat this?