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If you’re looking for a prime example of how Freestyle’s multichannel order manager, M.O.M., and SiteLINK can help your brand grow exponentially, look no further. On this week’s TBT, we’re taking looking back at long-time M.O.M. and SiteLINK customer, PulseTV. They’ve been growing strong for 25 years, and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Learn how they harnessed the power of Freestyle (and how you can, too!).

Multichannel Order Manager M.O.M. & SiteLINK Help PulseTV Grow

PulseTV is a powerhouse in eCommerce. Through innovation and creativity, they’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and in front of their competition. They’ve been growing their brand and expanding their reach continuously for a whopping 25 years. In an industry where brands come and go daily, PulseTV has been a digital leader and shining example of how the right order and inventory management system (OMS), and a focus on customer experience, can result in a brand that cannot be stopped.

Learn more about how PulseTV, which began as a direct sales company that offered products through TV promotions, has become a successful powerhouse eTailer with the ability to capture interest and sales using Freestyle’s multichannel order manager software, M.O.M.

Download the PulseTV Case Study now if you’re ready to hear how M.O.M. and SiteLINK helped PulseTV. With Freestyle, PulseTV saw a double-digit increase in sales and a drastic reduction in costs! See how Freestyle can help you, too!