frustrated man in red plaid dress shirt on cell looking at macbook_stevedimatteoYes…we said it. eCommerce sales tax shouldn’t be confusing. But for so many online eTailers and eCommerce brands, it is. It’s not only confusing – it’s stressful and a flat out headache. But we have good news for you.

Online sales tax doesn’t have to be “taxing.”
Or stressful.
Or confusing.
Or a headache.

We followed the South Dakota v. Wayfair case closely, and what we learned along the way is that our customers needed help with online sales tax solutions now more than ever before. They had questions, and we wanted to provide them with answers. That’s why, a couple years ago, we partnered with TaxJar to solve a serious problem, sales tax compliance for online brands. With the M.O.M. TaxJar module, M.O.M. customers who have sales tax nexus in five or more states now have a more robust, comprehensive, all-inclusive sales tax solution at their fingertips.

Want to learn more about how eCommerce sales tax and see how Freestyle is solving problems and keeping customers compliant?

Check out the eBook we launched:
The Online Seller’s Guide to eCommerce Sales Tax

It shows you more about why you need to be concerned with sales tax, how to avoid hefty (expensive!) legal ramifications and stay in compliance, and most importantly, how Freestyle can automate your process.

Have questions about online sales tax? Reach out today! We’d love to help!


Image courtesy of Pixabay | stevedimatteo