red banner with white letters saleYour promotions strategies and how you discount or adjust product pricing can be a great way to gain brand exposure, increase traffic and, if done right, drive revenue.

But are you being as effective as possible? Are you planning your promotions the “right” way?

Take a look back at this week’s TBT, where we revisit one of our most popular past blogs ever:

Discounting Your Promotions Strategy: Promotions Strategies of the Future

The world was different when we originally wrote this, and so was retail, but you may be surprised to learn that most of the strategies we explored then are still as effective as ever now. Look at the promotions we grapple with (like how to, or if you should, offer free shipping), and see what’s been working for years (like the importance of testing and tracking your promotions). Done well, promotions can take your brand to the next level. But if you miss the mark, you may be literally throwing money away.

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