Newton Homeopathics logoReady to see how Freestyle helped Newton Labs grow exponentially? This week’s TBT looks back at the Customer Success Story where we highlight homeopathic manufacturer Newton Labs. They took their business to the next level and found success in their mobile business with Freestyle’s SiteLINK.

Powerful Order & Management System (OMS) & SiteLINK

Newton Homeopathics has trusted Freestyle since 1999, when their search for a powerful OMS to help them grow their ever-evolving business led them to us. Using M.O.M. allowed the growing brand to seamlessly connect their daily operations to their order and inventory management system, which meant they could do business faster and more efficiently. In 2011, they became a SiteLINK cart user, and they never looked back. SiteLINK is the most powerful multichannel cart for modern eCommerce on the market.

Download the Case Study Now to learn more about how M.O.M. and SiteLINK helped Newton become an industry-leader in the health and wellness sector. With Freestyle’s help, Newton Homeopathic saw a 25 percent jump in their mobile business. See how Freestyle can help you, too!