black silhouette delivery man carrying package on dolly for free shippingThis week’s TBT looks back at an insightful blog about how to stay competitive even while offering the tempting free shipping. According to, online sales this holiday season are predicted to bring in a whopping $136 billion (yes, that is with a “b”). So if you’re in the world of eCommerce, this one is for you! Especially leading up to the busy holiday season, you want to be able to compete against eCommerce giants who offer customers free, fast shipping. If they can do it, so can you…we’ll show you how.

Learn how to:

  • increase your average order value
  • offer free or discounted shipping as an exciting promotion
  • diversify your carrier mix so you can offer free shipping without breaking the bank

3 Ways to Drive Sales with Free Shipping

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Image courtesy of Pixabay | mohamed_hassan