Shopify is one of the most popular solutions for businesses to make their products purchasable over the internet.

Lately, Shopify has been upping its investment into partnerships and technologies that will be aimed at improving the overall fulfillment process for their customers.

Going back to 2019 for a moment we know that Shopify launched its very own fulfillment network.

Analysts have speculated that since 2019 Shopify may have had to rethink its levels of spending to really reach the level of impact they wish to achieve.

In order to up its levels of distribution Shopify spent $2.1 billion in order to acquire Deliverr which will provide its network with warehouses, carrier, and last mile partners to fulfill orders.

This investment in additional sales and fulfillment channels doesn’t stop there. In order to expand its two-day delivery aspirations, Shopify recently completed implementing a new warehouse management software system.

This new system came from an acquisition of 6 River Systems, a fulfillment solution & warehouse automation software. This acquisition also came in 2019.

Reportedly from Shopify president Harley Finkelstein “Orders with predicted delivery of 2 days or less have now increased from less than 2% prior to software updates to over 70% after the updates, and we are just getting started,”.

It’s safe to say that Shopify is attempting to grab more of the market share that Amazon so strongly has a grip on.

Shopify is betting on these new methods and technologies to improve the overall experience and reliability of their fulfillment process to be better than their competitors.

If Shopify is able to consistently have more accurate predictions for their product fulfillment it means that not only will more businesses use their services, but that customers that are ordering from Shopify-based websites will be more likely to continue ordering from them.

Coming off a very extremely rocky Q2, Shopify’s results through the rest of the year will be watched by the markets very closely being a large player in this arena.

With this increase in multichannel logistics, Shopify store owners will inevitably run into the issue of needing their own internal order management systems in order to keep track of orders and satisfy their customers.

Freestyle solutions M.O.M. software is a great solution for tackling this problem.

Due to its extreme level of customizability, M.O.M. is able to hook into any Shopify store environment and easily automate extremely exhausting and time-consuming tasks.

With all of these new features being added to Shopify, although mostly on the backend of things, users may very well see a big swing in the ordering levels of certain products.

Being ready for this swing with the proper set of tools in place will likely be one of the defining factors for businesses that see a very marginal increase in sales versus those that will be capable of seeing a night and day shift in positive business growth.

For more information on Freestyles order management software, we’d highly recommend getting your hands on a product demo or reaching out directly to one of our experts.

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