Reaction from the Fancy Food Show, Freestyle Solutions

The Fancy Food Show took place in New York’s Javits Center on June 30 through July 2. Thousands of the world’s most popular food brands were inside the Javits Center showing off their product and most importantly, sharing their food for people to taste and hopefully end up buying. The show featured a commitment to building the industry with the presence of an innovation lab and as usual, a heavy International presence.

Freestyle enjoys a large presence in the Food Industry and we were able to meet with many of our customers onsite and gain their perspective on the industry and their requirements.

What we saw while there on Monday are vendors, looking for ways to help streamline relationships as well as figure out the next step in that expansion. For some it’s getting into new markets, and for others it was getting more serious in eCommerce. Both are heavy tasks that require a lot of planning and study of the impact on the business’s futures. As more vertical events happen, we’ll do our best to report from them, and talk about what we see.

Were you at the Fancy Food Show in New York? Share your experience below, or email if you want to get more out of your food and beverage business.