Prime Day 2018 Announced, Freestyle Solutions


Amazon ended speculation and announced that Prime Day 2018 will be July 17th, except that it will actually start at 3:00 PM on July 16th.

Expect this Prime Day to be bigger than ever and exactly how big will be up to Amazon. It might be an event that Amazon has created but it has developed into one of the most anticipated days on the shopping calendar and the only one that has its beginning and end decided by the event sponsor.

The brilliance of the event is that it spurs not only sales but enrollment in Prime subscriptions and according to data in an article in Digital Commerce 360. Prime Day sales topped $2.41 Billion in 2017.

What we are interested in is how eTailers will respond to the flow of traffic to Amazon and attempt to gain their share of consumer spend on Prime Day.  Please share your thoughts below and feel free to contact us at