TaxJar Freestyle Premier Certified Integration badgeDo you struggle with sales tax for eCommerce compliance? Are you worried that you don’t fully understand state nexus? Do you wish you had a better grasp of the whole thing?

Why Freestyle and TaxJar?

If you’re questioning how to get streamlined online sales tax for eCommerce solutions, we’ve got a pretty good answer for you. Did you know that last year we launched a sales tax solution for businesses who sell and have sales tax nexus in multiple states? Our certified integration with TaxJar is making is easier than ever for you to collect, remit and report sales tax so you can be confident in your compliance with every sale, in every state.

6 Benefits of the Freestyle TaxJar Premier Integration

The TaxJar Premier Certified Integration allows you to:

  1. Simplify and streamline sales tax compliance on every channel across your organization
  2. Calculate exactly how much sales tax you need to collect, at the time of each sale
  3. Record any sales tax you collect across every sales channel
  4. Organize and track by state, county and city on a daily basis
  5. View precisely where you’re at, any time, any day, in real time
  6. File your sales tax collections according to what you owe to each state individually, automatically

Ready to take the next steps to accurate and easy online sales tax collection and reporting? Freestyle and TaxJar make it easy. Learn more about our industry-leading sales tax solution module, and if you have any questions, reach out to us today!