New and Improved Magento 2 Integration Now Part of M.O.M., Freestyle Solutions

Magento 2 is fast becoming the preferred platform for Magento Commerce Cart customers and the flexibility built into the solution offers much for those customers that seek to improve their Magento site and ultimately their business.

Over the past six months we have worked closely with our customers to improve our integration with Magento 2 and to allow M.O.M. users to accelerate their business.  The result is significant improvements in the speed of the integration, ability to process invoices and available in the near future, an improved ability to move images and products between M.O.M. and Magento 2.

When new technology is introduced of in one part of the eCommerce fulfillment operation it is only natural that a review of other parts of the business would take place.  We look forward to conversations with our customers, new and old, about their requirements and how Magento 2 paired with M.O.M. can help their business.

To learn more about our new integration to Magento 2 please visit our information center.