According to Brainy Insights in one of their recent reports, the warehouse management systems (WMS) market is expected to grow from $2.74 Billion in 2020 to $11.08 Billion by 2030. This has come in the wake of many different factors.

One of the recurring reasons we’ve seen massive change and growth in the warehousing and logistics management industry is due to the pandemic. With more and more companies moving to an online eCommerce format it’s no wonder that demand for warehousing solutions has increased along with it.

Warehouses are at the heart of successful eCommerce businesses and working with the right one is paramount. More importantly, you must work with the proper warehouse tools that ensure your goods and products are getting to the customer as efficiently as possible.

Solutions that manage orders, receiving, shipping, and inventory have become more and more sophisticated as eCommerce companies see increased demand and customers require faster fulfillment.

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