international shipping oms

International shipping can be a hassle. 

Manually entering orders, exporting shipping information from one application to another, completing and printing item and customs declarations, and matching international paperwork can take a lot of time. 

M.O.M. V12 and Shippo are here to help!We’re excited to announce that our Shippo International Module (SIM) and M.O.M. V12 now offer you can:

  • Have a streamlined workflow for international shipping
  • Print international labels and customs declarations
  • Complete item declarations in M.O.M.
  • Complete customs declarations in M.O.M.
  • Electronically submit customs declarations
  • Print commercial invoices
  • Shop international rates
  • Process international orders via packers workstation, individually or in batch
  • Get instant shipping information when shipping labels are generated

Find out more about how the Shippo International Module can help your company work more efficiently by requesting a demo now.