Millennial parent coming up mall escalator with young boy

According to a report published by NRF, 54% of millennial parents are “very loyal” to the brands and retailers that they shop at. While it’s worth noting that gaining loyalty from millennials is a complicated affair, it is worth noting that brands will do whatever it takes to gain that generation’s loyalty.

Looking at some of the other data that was mentioned in this report, it’s worth noting that 49% of millennial parents are likely to still make a purchase from a brand or retailer, even if there is a cheaper option available elsewhere. 46% of millennial parents are loyal to at least 5 brands.

Now that’s just buying habits, but millennial parents also look at these brands and retailers for strong customer service and the price and quality of the product that they are purchasing from. Not too different from other buyer’s habits that are out there. One thing to note, 44% millennial parents look at a brand or retailer’s social or political views as a distinction of whether they should buy from them or not.

As a millennial myself (not a parent), I do tend to look at certain brands or retailers for more from an ease of website use perspective. If a website is easy to navigate around and is easy for me to make a purchase from, I’ll be more than happy to support the brand, and the product that they sell. And like the millennial in all of us, I do tend to shop more using my mobile device to get product reviews, or to compare products before I make my decision on what to purchase.

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