magento logoStill using Magento 1.9? Nervous about your eCommerce platform being vulnerable?  

You are not alone. We’ve been in contact with many of you about what to do once Magento ends support for all of Magento 1, in just a few months.  

If you haven’t been keeping up, our blog is always a  great place to start. In How to Keep Up – 4 Tips for Surviving Magento 1.9 End of Life, we discuss tips and actions you can take NOW, so you’re not caught off guard in June. 

What will happen if you’re not ready?

What if you don’t deal with this now? What can happen? How bad can it be? 

The best way to illustrate the coming vulnerability you’ll potentially face if you remain on Magento 1.9 after support ends is to look at an example of the type of patch Magneto will not be offering come June. 

Just imagine what you’ll be facing without alerts and solutions for the security vulnerabilities discussed. There are six of them, and three are critical. 

How can you confidently and effectively move forward in your business if you’re not being alerted to things that may result in: 

  • deserialization of untrusted data
  • security bypass flaws
  • sensitive information disclosure

Creating an Action Plan

So, the deadline and challenges you face are clear, but do you have an action plan?  

Here’s where we give you the good news. You still have options you can exercise, but you have to act soon.  

Of course you can choose to rebuild your site in Magento 2, but you also have other options. You can take advantage of alternatives like:

  • SiteLINK, Freestyle’s eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with M.O.M. 
  • Exploring competitor-offered solutions – keep in mind, most can also be integrated with M.O.M.
  • Reviewing your entire stack of solutions to improve:
    • eCommerce transaction security
    • End-to-end order fulfillment through an integrated order and inventory management solution

This is a critical time for your business. Looking at your technology stack can provide an opportunity to not only eliminate potential vulnerabilities, it can also improve your end-to-end processes.

Have questions about Magento 1.9 ending support? We’re happy to discuss your concerns and offer you best practices to improve. Just let us know when you would like to have a conversation.