IRCE Show Wrap Up, Freestyle Solutions

The Freestyle team attended the recent IRCE conference and this year’s show was an expansive slice of everything eCommerce. With such a broad spectrum of companies exhibiting it is understandable that some attendees walked away overwhelmed. We personally enjoyed the opportunity to meant with customers, partners and prospects and to all that we met a heartfelt thank you.

We should immediately address the biggest question hanging over the show, how will Adobe bring Magento forward and what effect will that have on the industry? We like most other attendees left the show with more questions than answers and since the sale will not close until Adobe’s fiscal third qtr. we will have to wait a bit longer to receive concrete answers.  What we do know is that customers and partners are concerned about how Adobe might choose to monetize Magento’s offerings as well as whether they will continue to work as closely with partners for site design or if they will create as an alternative, a competing professional services team.

We do know that Magento’s competitors are eager to add more bandwidth and to poach customers, especially if the speculation that Magento may focus more on enterprise customers is true.  Our team will work with our Commerce Cart customers to help them avoid disruption and to provide the connectors they need to easily switch providers if required.

Other areas of focus at the show were emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tools, marketing automation, extensions to improve the user experience, product images and search tools based on product images.  We will be happy to share some of the vendors that impressed us, feel free to contact us.

If you have questions about the show or would like to offer some thoughts on what you found interesting, please use the comments section or contact us at