Improve My Back Office Productivity...

…By automating processes across multichannel retail operations.

Optimizing back office operations is crucial when working in multiple sales channels (i.e. your website, Amazon, eBay, brick and mortar store). It can be difficult to manage multiple channels effectively from the standpoint of inventory, order processing, and customers. M.O.M. back office operations software presents a streamlined view of your workflows and unifies orders coming from all sources into a single stream. This greatly expedites pick, pack, ship and payment processes, allowing you to process orders quickly, accurately and efficiently.

In addition to customers, orders and inventory, our solutions allow you to manage your suppliers. This makes issuing purchase orders to replenish low inventory levels, or processing drop ship orders much easier. And with the ability to create role-based views of the system, your workers can focus on their assigned tasks without wasting time weeding through unnecessary information.

Having all of your back office and pick/pack/ship workflow processes handled in one solution reduces errors, improves back office productivity and reduces the headaches associated with managing multiple systems and discerning which data is accurate or not. Bringing all of these processes together speeds up the workflows, enables cross channel promotion, ensures all team members are making decisions based on the same information, and ultimately improves your back office productivity.

Our Inventory and Order Management Solutions allow you to:

  • View and manage of all your sales channels in one solution
  • Streamline your activities to process and ship orders quickly
  • Manage, issue and reconcile purchase orders to/from your suppliers
  • Improve task management with role-based views of the system