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We’ve wrapped up our Top 12 Inventory Management Resources, our holiday gift to you! Did you catch everything we posted over the last 12 days? Don’t worry if you missed anything – here’s a quick recap with links to every piece. 

Inventory Management Resources for 2020


DAY 1 – Do you need a new OMS next year? Take our quiz to find out!

DAY 2 – Download our Inventory Management for Online Retailers eBook to learn how to avoid costly stock-outs and streamline the management of all your sales channels.

DAY 3 – We think Amazon may be onto something with their printed catalog efforts! Find out more about how printed catalogs may be the next hottest marketing trend in 2020.

DAY 4 – Are you taking the Section 179 Deduction this year?

DAY 5 – Online sales tax compliance got you down? Learn more about how to manage eCommerce sales tax with this co-branded eBook from Freestyle and TaxJar.

DAY 6 – Thinking about adding some promotions into the marketing mix in 2020? Our 5 Tips for Retail Promotions That Work infographic is just for you! 

DAY 7 – Download our OMS eBook to learn what top 5 features you need in an OMS.

DAY 8 – Wondering how to survive returns after the holidays? We’ve got you covered. 

DAY 9 – What trends will have the most impact on eCommerce in the coming year? Our 2020 eCommerce Predictions blog will let you know what to expect and what you need to do to prepare. 

DAY 10 – SiteLINK is the most powerful eCommerce solution available. And, it’s designed exclusively for M.O.M. Learn more about the power of SiteLINK and M.O.M. today. 

DAY 11 – Credit card processing fees can kill your bottom line. Find out how you can add 30% to your bottom line in the Freestyle-SurchX Webinar.

DAY 12 – Convoluted eCommerce shipping workflows can really hinder your success. Use our 4-step eCommerce shipping checklist to find out if you need to improve your shipping process! 

Happy Holidays from Freestyle, your industry-leading order and inventory management solution. We can’t wait to work with you in 2020. 

Have questions about how Freestyle can help you up your order and inventory management game? Reach out today or request a demo to see the power of M.O.M. in action. Freestyle, for serious eCommerce. 




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