Shippo logo with green hippoDo You Want Big Savings on UPS Shipping Rates?

It’s Coming…

Exclusively For MOM Customers!

***Note: Shippo & UPS have discontinued this program. Reach out to
Freestyle to learn more about the options you have to get the most out of your shipping***

No one likes to pay high shipping charges, especially your customers, but we’ve got some good news.

Freestyle is about to bring you significant savings on your cost for UPS Shipping.

While we can’t share all the details just yet, we’re excited to bring you this news…the Freestyle and Shippo teams have been working hard to bring you significant savings, starting at the end of this March.

Our team is always looking for innovative ways to help you save money and improve your business, and this will be a big step.

We’ll be bringing you all the details soon, so keep reading our blog and checking us out on social to learn how you can cut your UPS shipping rates with Freestyle’s M.O.M. and Shippo.

Want to learn more about our exciting Shippo UPS Marketplace news? Reach out and we’ll be sure you hear all the latest info!

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