Freestyle Software Excited to Announce Integration with TaxJar

“Freestyle Software is pleased to announce our integration with TaxJar and the many benefits the partnership will bring to our customers,” said Tony Kyberd, President of Freestyle Software. “Our customers asked us to secure an automated solution to comply with all of the complex regulations surrounding collection and remittance of sales taxes for eCommerce transactions. M.O.M., combined with TaxJar, will now accomplish just that and provide leading edge technology for M.O.M. users.”

“The integration of these two industry-leading providers means a comprehensive solution for our customers to better manage sales tax nexus regulations while allowing them to focus on growing their business with complete confidence,” Kyberd went on to say.

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About Freestyle Software 
Freestyle Software provides essential order, inventory and customer management solutions that integrate easily with eCommerce platforms to drive efficiency, productivity, insight and growth for multichannel retailers. Freestyle Software’s proven solutions help small- to medium-sized companies grow faster by automating critical back-office functions to support an expanded eCommerce presence, including: multichannel order management; inventory visibility and control across multiple channels; drop ship management; rapid, reliable order fulfillment; customer management; and integration with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay and others. To learn more, visit: