How Carbon2Cobalt Transformed Their Mobile eCommerce Business, Freestyle Solutions

Success is one of my favorite types of stories and I am happy to announce that we have released a terrific success story about Carbon2Cobalt, a M.O.M and SiteLINK customer.

The Carbon2Coabalt team came to us with two goals:

  • They were about to kick off their line of Women’s clothing and wanted to improve the online shopping experience for their customers yet keep their brand esthetic strongly aligned to their sales platforms
  • Specifically, they saw a need to respond to the trend toward sales originating on mobile devices and to increase traffic and conversions across all platforms

The result of the collaboration between our teams is a beautify redesigned site that supports Carbon2Cobalt’s brand and has increased sales.  The result is best summed up in this quote by Bill Cuttler, Carbon2Cobalt’s COO:

“I was overjoyed with the level of expertise and innovation brought to us by the Freestyle Solutions team. Not only did they do the things we asked, but they added great ideas that we hadn’t initially considered.”

To learn more about the success Carbon2Cobalt is enjoying and to explore how M.O.M. and SiteLINK could help improve your mobile device platform please contact us today!

If you would like to see the Carbon2Cobalt line for yourself and view the new site please click here.