ecommerce kits and bundles

Every retailer needs to be sure their customers find the exact items they need, in the fastest time possible.

And, managing your supply chain is not a simple one-size-fits-all approach anymore. As competition continues to grow, eCommerce immediacy will follow suit. Giving your customers the accessibility to purchase as many products as possible in the fastest time is the way of the future, so why not jump on board?

Adding eCommerce kits & bundles is a quick, simple solution to expand your product offering, and increase online store sales.

What Are ‘Kits’ aka ‘Bundled’ Products?

If you’re not familiar with these types of products, a ‘kit’, or ‘bundled’ product is made up of various components or items, sold as a set or group, also known as product bundlingThat’s what makes adding kits to your product mix so easy. You already have the individual components, but instead of offering each product on its own, you create a new offering by grouping similar or complementary products together.

Boost Sales with Ecommerce Kits and Bundles -1) Increase Store Sales

There are a number of ways you can increase sales by adding kits to your product mix. First, you have more opportunities to sell each product, making managing multichannel sales even easier. Not only can the product be listed on its own for sale, but now you can add that product to one or more kits, increasing the number of listings for that particular product and your chances of selling it. Plus, each kit is made up of multiple items, so your sales price is higher.

2) Differentiate Yourself

Your kit is a combination of whatever products you choose, offering you the opportunity to be unique and differentiate yourself from the competition.

differentiate yourself-ecommerce kits and bundles

3) Make Room for Discount Pricing

Since your customer is buying more than one product with each kit, you may be able to offer discounted pricing. This can be a strategic way to drive more sales. After all, everyone loves a deal! This strategy, combined with efficiently managing the inventory purchasing process, will provide clear visibility to your products, avoid stock outs and much more.

Managing Your Kit Products

Adding kits to your product mix may be easy, but sometimes the inventory control can be difficult, especially when one item is used as a component in more than one kit. It’s never been easier to manage your inventory and order fulfillment processes associated with each kit product.

Check out the short video on managing kits products, and see how simple it can be.