According to an internal leaked document, Amazon has expressed concerns about running out of available people to hire by 2024.

The document in question was originally reported on by Recode of Vox stating: “If we continue business as usual, Amazon will deplete the available labor supply in the US network by 2024.”

This document was apparently published in 2021 and appears to be authentic.

Recode reportedly asked a company spokesperson about the authenticity of this report to which the spokesperson did not refute its existence.

According to Amazon statistics, locations such as California, Mesa Arizona, Wilmington, Delaware, and Memphis are all potentially affected by these issues.

Amazon coming into the time of the pandemic saw a turnover rate of 3% per week. That’s an annual turnover rate of over 150% yearly.

Not the most ideal for establishing and maintaining worker morale.

With all of the news of inflation and unions, these issues might not be Amazon’s biggest concern after seeing a memo like this.

Amazon is known for its reputation of not having the most ideal working conditions.

Issues such as grueling work hours, how higher-ups treat workers, and injuries.

In 2020 alone the Washington Post claimed that for every 100 workers there were six injured.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy stated in September, “For us, employee safety is priority number one for us in our fulfillment centers”.

That doesn’t inspire positive thinking for all of Amazon’s other priorities if these reported statistics are as accurate as they appear to be.

That being said, managing and maintaining such a large network of operations across the U.S. is a challenge that would be difficult for any one organization or business.

The scale of Amazon is truly unique in our human history and seeing how it evolves and handles certain situations like these is fascinating.

Amazon is a huge driver of eCommerce sales and the stability of their labor force is a critical part of their performance and can impact every other vendor…. and we will continue to follow this story.