The holidays are a time of complexity and stress for many online and in-person retailers.

That being said, the number of tools and tricks you can have at your disposal the better.

Reducing your overall internal anxieties at your company is almost inevitably going to be recognized by your customers in one way or another.

These tips we’ve come up with here should help you improve the overall service you provide for your customers.

Let’s get started!


1. Free Gift with Purchase

54% of customers are in love with this promo.

74% of retailers find it effective.

Remember, additional merchandise can add weight and mass to a package. Consider small, lightweight gifts to avoid increased shipping costs.


2. Cyber Monday

More than 126 million people plan to shop online on Cyber Monday. It’s safe to say that every eCommerce company should have this date marked on their calendar.

Approximately 6 million of those orders will be delivered late and eligible for shipping refunds. Being prepared for this extra layer of sales volume during an already high period of sales (the holidays) can set you apart from your competition.

More than 80% of the due shipping refunds will go unclaimed.


3. Money Back Guarantee Exceptions

Guarantees are a common tool used by Retailers, but during the holiday surge, you may wish to consider if you need them. With the pressure on transportation resources and rates, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. Here are a few suggested exclusions for your holiday policy.

  • Money-back guarantee temporarily suspended
  • Ground services money-back guarantee suspended
  • Delivery time guarantee extended by 90 minutes


4. Price Slashing

Are you discounting merchandise to stay competitive this season?

Shipping refunds can help make up for the revenue difference in your special holiday pricing.

The average eCommerce business gets 5 – 7% back on total shipping spend.


5. Last Minute Shoppers

Last-minute orders are oftentimes paired with exceedingly high shipping costs.

Offset higher costs with the money-back guarantee on late deliveries this holiday season.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving as they say.


The Takeaway

There are plenty of things you can do as an eCommerce business to better tackle this holiday season confidently.

You don’t need to entirely reinvent the wheel. By using one or more of these tried and tested tactics you can see an increase in your bottom line.

After trying out some of these moves you might want to incorporate them into your business every holiday season.

Want to learn more tips and best practices about preparing for the holiday rush? Download Freestyle’s Ultimate Holiday Ebook for eCommerce for more about order and inventory management, warehouse productivity, shipping, fulfillment, and returns management.