For retailers and consumer brands, processing orders fast and efficiently is critical to the success of the business.

After all, when customers place orders, they expect them to be delivered accurately and on-time.

But orchestrating the order lifecycle across multiple sales and distribution channels can be complex, error-prone and costly.

Retailers often rely on manual processes and incompatible systems, resulting in a incomplete view of order, inventory and customer information, which can cause shipping errors, delays, excess inventory or stock-outs, and … unhappy customers.

Enter Freestyle Solutions. Our order management systems synchronize and automate the order lifecycle across sales channels, fulfillment sources, and shipping carriers so retailers can:

  • Obtain a 360 degree view of the business,
  • Operate more efficiently, and
  • Provide a superior customer experience.

With more than 2,000 customers and over 30 years’ of expertise, Freestyle understands inventory and order management at its core.

Learn more about our leading cloud and on-premise order management systems.