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Compliance with State Sales Tax nexus is the hottest topic in eCommerce today.

The ironic part of this is this that, unlike most hot topics in the world of eCommerce, Sales Tax nexus isn’t something that builds revenue, or even expands the reach of a brand. Yet it is a complex, evolving and urgent need for every eTailer.

Our customers have spoken, loudly I might add, and they let us know that they desperately need and want help navigating this.

We listened and we’ve acted.

How Freestyle Solutions Can Help Brands with State Sales Tax Compliance

How have we helped you?

  1. First it was a product launch in September to help Freestyle customers manage taxes within MO.M.
  2. Now, we are proud to announce that Freestyle has integrated TaxJar, a leader in tax reporting, compliance and remittance, with M.O.M.

With the M.O.M. TaxJar Module, we’ve addressed what our customers are required to manage – an urgent need that will allow you to focus your attention on what is most important, building your business.

We are excited to announce our integration with TaxJar and to lead the market in integrated solutions that allow eTailers to manage their orders, inventory, fulfillment and Tax nexus all in one solution, M.O.M.

Learn more about how the M.O.M. and TaxJar integration can help you solve all your sales tax compliance headaches. Or, contact us at