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Freestyle Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)
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Extensive Customer Management Capabilities

Freestyle M.O.M. was designed to offer great service to customers no matter what channel they shop with. When a customer calls on the phone to place an order, you have to find their profile and order information quickly and easily using serveral tools.

Look Up Customers Quickly and Accurately

Freestyle M.O.M.’s powerful database searches the entire customer file in seconds, with options to search on name, email, phone, and more. You don’t need to worry about spelling mistakes, as M.O.M. customer management software can even search on a last name or company name that “sounds” the same. Store associates can look up customer records using a mobile order interface and leverage save the sale functionality with inventory look-up. Merchants can use customer information to target specific segments with promotions and campaigns best suited to their profile.

Reward Your Customers & Create Loyal Shoppers

Freestyle M.O.M. gives retailers and brands the control to manage their points based rewards program for building customer loyalty. With Freestyle M.O.M., retailers and brands decide how the points are earned and spent – specific products purchased or order total. Retailers can automatically keep a running account of each customer’s points and rewards activity, and print statements to keep customers informed and encourage more buying.

Telemarketing Management

For companies that require high touch communications with customers, Freestyle M.O.M. can manage outbound and inbound calling, maintaining a complete call log for each customer. Assign a salesperson, record interest level, schedule call-backs, call-back topics and more. If necessary, design telemarketing campaigns using the list management functionality– to create target lists that can be loaded directly to the call schedule log with assigned salesperson and first-call topics. Take scheduled calls entered in Freestyle M.O.M. and create calendar appointments in Microsoft Outlook. And, you can use the optional List Management to create telemarketing lists that can be loaded as “calls to be made” with scheduled call dates, first call topics, and assigned salesperson.

List Management

Create segmented target lists of your customers and prospects for emailing, mailing, or telemarketing for generating incremental sales. Freestyle M.O.M. includes a sophisticated query building tool that enables you to precisely build your target list based on customer or prospect type, product purchased, advertising source, gross dollar amount spent, number of orders, geographic location, date of last activity, number of mailings, even any of your own customized customer fields.

Purchase Order Administration

With our purchase order reconciliation, Freestyle M.O.M. allows you to easily track inventory, so you can quickly submit purchase orders to suppliers. Our highly flexible buying table handles any size purchase order for streamlined functionality. From setting up prices in unlimited multiples for an extended number of suppliers, to offering “mix and match” pricing for groups of stock items, our advanced software makes the P.O. process efficient and simple.


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