Make informed decisions…

…With visual dashboards displaying business intelligence on orders, customers, and inventory.

Business intelligence software is the key to making savvier decisions about your strategies and tactics. Data is stored with each and every transaction that occurs, but do you have the ability to use these facts and figures in a useful way? M.O.M. business intelligence dashboards transform information about orders, customers and inventory into highly visual, actionable insights that drive more effective and efficient business decisions.

Whether it’s knowing which are your top selling products versus the ones that you may want to discontinue next season; who your best customers are to offer them rewards for reaching higher purchasing levels; when product is low and needs to be reordered; which sales channel performs better than the rest, and more, having this data at your fingertips can help you make strategic decisions to maintain and grow your business.

With visual dashboards you can easily spot upcoming troubles, see trends to capitalize on and gain true business insights rather than be deluged in data. And when you need the details on order and inventory information, just click on the dashboard tab area and the detailed data beyond the dashboard is readily accessible.

Our Inventory and Order Management Solutions provide you with:

  • Up-to-date view of key business information
  • Visual dashboards for quick view versus old standardized reporting
  • Intelligence to spot trends earlier and forecast demand
  • Inventory management reports to catch problems while they are small
  • Customized views based on business area – sales, inventory, orders, etc
  • Ability to drill down into a dashboard with the click of a button
  • Easily export data via Excel, PDF or .CSV formats so that you can manipulate or store your information wherever you’d like