Register: Same Item Sold Twice??? Managing Inventory in an eCommerce World

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Selling in multiple channels significantly complicates inventory management and other business processes. Visibility into your inventory and forecasting is critical to a healthy operation, and that’s why you must view this business-critical webinar!

Discover the keys to inventory management including tracking inventory across eCommerce operations, catalog fulfillment, managing continuity programs and drop shipping. You’ll gain expert insight to keep orders flowing out the door, as well as learn how to:

  • Gain insight into the needs of your customers to drive up sales
  • Track inventory on eBay, your website, offsite fulfillment centers and/or shopping channels like Amazon fulfillment
  • Determine what products are selling and what periods may require more inventory
  • Decide when to unload inventory on a business channel such as eBay
  • Manage inventory products sold as a set or group with a special price
  • Accurately allocate inventory to any channel

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