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On-demand: Because Free Shipping Isn’t Free: The Top 7 Reasons You Need Effective Retail Promotions

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About the Webinar

Incorporating EDI into Your Business

If you are a retailer selling products across the nation and/or have relationships with suppliers, you have likely considered incorporating EDI into your business process.  And, if you haven’t, the time may be just around the corner!

EDI – or electronic data interchange – is something that you will be asked to implement by your larger suppliers.  And, when that time comes, it comes with a deadline.

Be prepared by knowing the basics – as well as the benefits.  See how it increases productivity, reduces errors and most importantly gets your invoices, purchase orders and shipping notices transmitted accurately and in a timely fashion.

Join us, along with TrueCommerce EDI Solutions, our preferred EDI partner, for an informative presentation as they discuss the key components of EDI, its’ place in the retail supply chain process and how it can help grow your business and meet your growing EDI mandates.[pardot-form id=”385″ title=”Watch the Webinar”]