Customer Success Stories

Our multichannel inventory, order and customer management solutions streamline businesses of all sizes, from fast growing start-ups to established businesses – and in nearly every industry. Here is just a sample of Freestyle Solutions customer testimonials and eCommerce success stories of customers that have transformed their business using our order and inventory management solutions.

Adjusted their business model to meet the demands of mass market retail businesses.

In 2005, Out of the Box Publishing was growing rapidly and expanding into a multichannel sales approach. The company transitioned from a specialty retailer to a mass market business model. Under the new business model, the “big-box” retailers it worked with required EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for purchase orders, invoices and other related documentation, which they were not equipped to handle.

Out of the Box Publishing has been a Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) customer since 1997. In 2009, the company started working with us for EDI and now they can send carton label detail via EDI.

Replaced home grown database with a streamlined order management solution to ensure fast and efficient shipping.

For over 20 years, E. Burnham Cosmetics has focused on maintaining beautiful skin by providing consumers with the latest anti-aging retinol based skincare products. The company’s club membership program, which ships products on a unique shipping interval, was quickly expanding and their home grown club membership data base management system was no longer adequate to manage the business.

To keep up with the increased order volume they were generating, they turned to our customer, order and inventory management solutions to ensure fast and efficient fulfillment and delivery, as well as support their growing customer base.

Expanded into new business channels and achieved company growth with M.O.M. successfully rode the internet bubble and survived the burst, pleased to have helped millions of customers along the way. Through the years it has maintained the integrity of the company and stayed true to its customer-friendly goals.

From the beginning, needed an automated Order Management System to keep up with the demand and process orders efficiently. They researched many order management systems and selected Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) in 1997. Today, continues to use M.O.M. and has capitalized on the benefits of M.O.M. to assist them in expanding into new business channels and to achieve company growth.

Increased productivity to support their ‘Same Day as Baked’ delivery promise.

In 1987 Carolina Cookie Company turned on the ovens and started offering fresh-baked cookies in mall retail stores in North Carolina. Word-of-mouth spread about the delicious cookies and soon the company expanded into mail order. As catalogs were sent out, the business began to grow, but it didn’t take long to uncover bottlenecks in the order and fulfillment processes.

To uphold the company’s promise to deliver the same day as baked, they needed to automate their back office processes and increase productivity to keep up with the demand. To do this, they turned to our Multichannel Order Manager solution.