M.O.M. - the powerful, proven, trusted solution for eCommerce brands.

M.O.M. is the industry leader for order and inventory management

From the beginning, we had a purpose

Freestyle was started more than 30 years ago, by people who saw a need and wanted to offer a solution. Their answer? Create order and inventory management software that would help them take their own fulfillment business to the next level.

M.O.M. was developed and released that same year, and we've worked to update and improve our software every year since.

We listen to our customers
We take a unique approach to our industry-leading order and inventory management software by using direct input from our customers. So you're getting exactly what you need.

Our latest version of M.O.M. promises to deliver even more, so you can just sit back & focus on what you know and love most...your business. Leave the order and inventory management to us.

Freestyle offers the stability you want
We've survived the test of time, growing and adapting as needed in an industry that's ever-changing.

In 2018, Freestyle was acquired by Fog Software, a division of global software provider Constellation Software, which only made us stronger. Fog invests in companies for the long term.

When you switch to Freestyle, you can trust it'll be the last move you have to make. We're growing - and we want you to grow with us.

We'll be your long-term partner
We can assure you...we're in this for the long haul, so you can count on a partnership that will help you grow as you need it. We're there for you when you need us, how you need us.

Our software for inventory management will continue evolving based upon what our customers need, so you can trust you'll never outgrow us!

in 1988

Proven Stability

Constantly Updating

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Take your business from the garage
to a warehouse, with M.O.M.

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M.O.M. is the most widely-used order & inventory management software solution for established & growing eCommerce brands around the globe.

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See the Freestyle and M.O.M. Difference

Simple, easy implementation

M.O.M. offers simple integration with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces or integrated eCommerce with SiteLINK.

Integrate with:

  • Magento
  • Shopify/Shopify Plus
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • and more!

  • Outstanding development & technology
  • Largest functional footprint in the industry
  • Industry-leading order, inventory, fulfillment & operations management
  • Wide range of industries served
  • Complete dropshipping functionality
  • Hybrid shipping - ship from your warehouse or partners, dropship or use a 3PL partner, or use all of the above
  • No growth barrier, ever
  • Go live in just a few weeks
  • Subscription, hosted or on-premise deployment
  • Powerful call center functionality
  • Know what your customers buy, when they bought it and use that data to market to them
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Is M.O.M. Right For You?

  • Freestyle's M.O.M. is for eCommerce brands that are established, growing, mature - or those on the verge of taking that next step
  • Businesses grow on M.O.M.
  • Invest in M.O.M. now, grow your brand for the next 20 years with no barriers
  • Gain the confidence you've been looking for in your order & inventory management software partner
  • Fog Software & Constellation Software believe in M.O.M. - they see our potential & are invested in keeping us leaders in the industry
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More capability,
more value

Order & inventory management software that enhances growth!

Freestyle's M.O.M.
Inventory Management Software
for Serious eCommerce

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