Amazon Inventory Management

Control your Merchant Fulfilled & FBA orders and inventory
with ease and start growing your business today.

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Want to take control of the stock moving through your Amazon marketplace?

Freestyle Solutions offers powerful yet simple to use Amazon inventory management tools which automatically syncs Amazon sales, stock levels, invoices, and order fulfillment. Omnichannel selling can be difficult, but Freestyle allows you to streamline your operations allowing you to add more channels and grow your business.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Items which are “Fulfilled by Amazon” are offered by third-party independent sellers, but are shipped by an Amazon Fulfillment center. All Amazon policies and shipping rates apply to these items when shipped within the U.S.

When an order is placed, Amazon handles the pick, pack and ship process for you. The shipment date, the package carrier, tracking number and the estimated delivery date will be listed in your Amazon account for review. Amazon will also take care of all customer service and product returns for Fulfillment by Amazon items.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is an interface used by third-parties merchants to manage and view orders. Any merchant who uses Seller Central is considered a marketplace. As a marketplace,  you can either choose to be on the pay-as-you go Amazon Individual Selling planor the month subscription Amazon Professional Selling plan.

Pro merchant sellers can also choose Fulfillment by Amazon where Amazon takes care of customer service, shipping and returns.

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is an interface used by third-parties distributors and manufacturers to sell directly to Amazon. If you sell directly to Amazon via Vendor Central you are considered a first-party seller. Becoming a member of Amazon Vendor Central is by invitation only. Some of the qualification include having annual sales of at least $1 million dollars and EDI (Electronic Data Integration).

If you do not qualify for Vendor Central you may be interested in Amazon Vendor Express which does not have minimum sales requirements.

Benefits of automatically syncing your orders, inventory, shipping and accounting information in a multichannel environment.

If you are currently selling on multiple channels, Freestyle give you advanced inventory and order management functionality, which automatically synchronizes your website and sales channels.

For example, when an order comes into your Amazon account, Freestyle will automatically pull that order in and simultaneously update your inventory levels on your Magento Store and eBay marketplace. Your stock levels will always be updated and error free.

How Freestyle Solutions Can Help

Freestyle Solutions offers a central place to run and manage your entire eCommerce business with two software delivery models. Our cloud-based platform for inventory and order management system offers automatic upgrades, unlimited scalability, and no infrastructure costs. With our on-premise inventory and order management system, you can maintain full control of your environment, data, and infrastructure. By integrating with top platforms and marketplaces, Freestyle automates the process of fulfilling orders, updating inventory, tracking shipments and reconciling accounting.

How do I start using Freestyle for Amazon order and inventory management?

Simply give us a call at 1 (800) 474-5760.