Cloud-Based Order Management System

Streamline your inventory management & order processing workflows by unifying orders coming from your sales channels into a single stream to expedite pick, pack and ship processes.

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Online Order Management

For customers, it’s all about their order. Reduce your manual operations and automate your order fulfillment processes to ensure fast delivery and happy customers with our online order management system. Spend less time picking and packing orders, and more time focusing on selling and growing your business!

Inventory Management

Avoid stock-outs or double-selling with our multichannel inventory management system, tracking inventory across all sales channels in one solution. Managing inventory in one place will lend to better analysis of your products in terms of performance, peak selling periods, etc. And because it’s an online inventory management system, you can access your information online, anytime…anywhere.

Customer Management

Providing excellent customer service sets you apart from the competition. Keeping all customer order history, ship-to addresses, and more from all sales channels in one customer order management system provides your customer service reps with the tools to service customers better.

Purchase Order Management

Manage all of your suppliers, issue purchase orders based on low inventory alerts, and automatically sync available to sell levels upon reconciling the order. Our online purchase order management system allows you to streamline your online commerce business.

Business Intelligence

Information is power. Smart and effective tools like real-time cloud-based business intelligence reporting and interactive dashboards, are a necessity to help you manage and grow your business. Freestyle is equipped with real-time business intelligence tools and dashboards to help you make smart decisions!

Shipping & Drop Shipping

The shipping stage can be costly and error prone. With fully integrated shipping functionality, you can verify addresses, print shipping labels, access tracking information and more. And with built-in supplier management, you can mange your drop ship items with ease.

Dynamic Continuity

Create continuity plans, from creating the plan itself, to picking and choosing the product you want to be a part of this plan. Freestyle O.M.S. lets you manage how often the plan ships and to start and stop requests by customers. Manage and process your plans in batches or real time.


Avoid the mistakes associated with manual data entry by syncing transactional data over to QuickBooks to properly manage your finances. Sync all transactional data from invoices, purchase orders, as well as creating new, or appending information to existing, customer records.


Concerned that adding another eCommerce store or selling on Amazon will create more headaches? With Freestyle, you can expand your reach and still have control, through our seamless third-party eCommerce platform integrations.  Streamline your multichannel inventory management by viewing all your orders, inventory, shipping and more in one cloud-based inventory & order management system.